Saturday, September 18, 2010

saturday morning

I have been really bad about posting lately. These are some collages and drawings that have happened recently. There are so many more. I am working all of the time that I am not teaching or being a mom. When I rest my head on the pillow at night I'm still working, thinking. I can't shut it off and I don't want to. I want to get somewhere. I keep feeling like I am, in my head and in little bits of my work getting closer to some sort of clarity. I know, I know there is no rush but I need some resolve, for myself.


  1. Ah! so beautiful! Love the first and second images! I envy your drive Aris.

  2. They capture me! I can hardly breath. I´ts so good.
    You are so close. Soon You can rest in Your flow.

    Oh my, You put me through loads of emotions now in time for bed. Good night.

  3. beautiful work. love the lambs and the background in the one second from bottom had a beautiful depth {the background is great}!
    i can relate to the feelings you describe, especially the feeling that in your head you are getting somewhere :)

  4. bees , bees, tears for me... Oh my gosh.
    squirrel and lambs, so visceral
    Aris ! Thank you for always sharing
    I love the collage and your subtlety.

  5. Thanks all! I so appreciate your comments!
    Gina you know that bee lady is you and for you!

  6. WOOOOOW! You are super wonderful lady :))))))) ! Thank you!

    It's perfect.

  7. Aris I miss you! I had to search for this post. The bee lady was calling me back. I love her dearly. -g