Monday, March 29, 2010

rainy monday

So here it is Monday morning.
And it is going to rain here for three days.
The ground is already full.
So are the rivers.
So am I.
And still
The birds are singing.


  1. same here. i fell like staying in bed.
    wishing you a good week anyway. sun will (should) come...

  2. Rain here to stay for a while- wind blew the cherry blossoms away last night - In like a lion! Your drawings as usually - so satisfying- I come here often just to get an art fix- and then move on about my day- LOVE IT!

  3. Oh, Spring is in the air, their will be no spring without rain, so it must come down. I just read that cherryblossoms have been showing, how nice, we still have snow....but soon...

  4. I like the expressions on the paintings, monday morning, we moved our clocks to summertime during the weekend, so this monday were verry like that, heavy, burning and litle red

  5. It sounds a little like my autumn days. All begins with bird song.