Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Photographs of new sculptures. These are really small, in fact they could all fit in my pocket.(that small) In a little over a week I will be going back to Boston for nine days filled with critiques and lectures. I am excited about the changes and developments in my work and as I look back at all of the suggestions from my last residency I feel much more confident to argue that which I have kept and I feel is an important part of my work. Empty space. Subtlety. Small changes. Undefined space(it is paper why do I need to pretend it is something else?) I feel like I am in a better place,I have a better understanding of my work, why I do the things that I do and I now know what to protect and defend and how to do that.


  1. this is really positive ~ hope it's all going well. happy new year to you!

  2. Good Luck in defending your artistry! Stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year! and visit your blog.
    Love these little creations! of course, I love anything "tiny"...
    Take Care!

  3. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Yeah empty space! Sometimes empty space is more important. Great sculptures, look forward to see how your work develops.

  4. I was really stunned by theses images. And at first I thought they were pencil drawings (I pictured them at least 70 x 100 cm ... and that it had taken you at least like a week per drawing to make them)

  5. hi Aris, wishing You Hope, Joy and All Good this Year!

    Sometimes I´m in Your drawings.